Campaign: Survey Development

Word Cloud with Data Segmentation

For the Word Cloud feature:

I would like you to add word clouds to the data segmentation report,

as well as an html link to that reports' word cloud(s).

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Campaign: Reporting Tools

Don't display ranking questions in data segm wizard

In the data segment creation wizard, rank order questions should not get displayed in the list of questions, based on the responses of which, the data segments are created. If I'd known this I would have composed multiple choice questions and answers instead.

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Campaign: Reporting Tools

Data Segmentation

We should be able to segment data both by custom variables AND responses to the survey.


For instance, I want the ability to take respondents from a specific mailing list and then break up those responses by Age.

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Campaign: Reporting Tools

Allow more than 10 Report Segmentation Filters

I would like to be able to create more than 10 (i.e. 20) Filters under the Report/Segmentation menu. Currently 10 filters is the max.

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Campaign: Bugs/Issues

"Not Equal To" Data Segmentation Has Problems

Data segmentation has difficulty with the "not equal to" operator.


The "not equal to" operator does not work if the question that is being used to filter has many answers.


For instance, I want to include all survey respondents that answered they were not in the United States, and data filtering cannot handle this, only shooting out an XLS report with a partial report of the data.

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