Survey Development

Sortable Columns

I would like the ability to sort (non Likert Scale) matrix columns. In today's surveys, many are taking on mobile devices. In matrix questions with more than 4 columns some columns may be off the screen on smaller screens.

Submitted by (@randy0)
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Survey Development

Survey folders

Arrange Survey folders alphabetically.

Submitted by (@jeswin.thomas)


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Survey Development

Better organization of folders and surveys.

Add the ability to sort folders.

Add the ability to imbed folders within folders.

Add the ability to sort surveys.


Even if you alpha numeric sort them for us it would be an improvement.

Submitted by (@jvaughn)
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Survey Delivery

Sort Order in Email List and Sending Emails to Respondents

I suggest that you add a sort order in your Manage Email List At the moment, there is no logical order. It does not appear in an alphabetical order nor does it appear in relation to the date of the upload. To further compound to the matter, the list is display in no logical sorting order in the drop down box that we utilize when we utilize the 'send email to respondents' feature and click on the drop down 'To' box. ...more »

Submitted by (@johnfernandez)
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