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Survey Delivery

Complaining Users

Twice now, we have had users complain that emails we sent were spam.

The first time it happened, we sent out 50,000+ emails and had 6 people complain. Our account was locked.

Today, it happened again. We had 5 people complain out of 13,000 emails. Again, our account was locked.

Instead of tying abuse to a set number of complaints, how about tying it back to the number of invitations sent over a 72-hour time... more »
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Survey Delivery

Open survey in new window that doesn't have a "back" button

I'd like the option to have the survey open in an new windown with the browswer's back button disabled. Even with backward movement disabled in QPro, respondents still try to do this through their browser and it wreaks havoc in the data file - creating anywhere from 1 to 4 extra records (duplicates) for these respondents. These records also show up in some of QPro's reports overstating the number of completes at any... more »
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Survey Delivery

Forcing Survey to open in a fresh pop up window

We've been rolling out a new multi-lingual survey with lots of rules and logic contained within. Had a few problems with QPro which may, just may be associated with retained data within the Internet Browser.
My idea is to somehow force the standard survey link to open in a fresh pop-up window. I suspect that - as well as reducing the incidence of user attempts to use a 'back' button (which, by default, would not be... more »
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Survey Delivery

A progress bar that will work with Question block randomization

The progress bar needs to be tweaked so that it goes by the number of questions answered rather than which question it has loaded up. Currently if I use Question block randomization, the progress bar does not show the correct progress so I am left with the option of displaying incorrect information or not showing a progress bar at all... Question block rotation is something which would be quite frequent in online surveys... more »
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Survey Delivery

Unsubscribe Prompts

When an email respondent unsubscribes, they should be prompted with an either "Are you sure you want to unsubscribe? You will no longer be able to receive questionpro emails from this user" or, on the confirmation page, provide a link that says "I changed my mind, please allow site users to contact me."

--this is especially important in case someone accidently clicked the unsubscribe!

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Survey Delivery

Sort Order in Email List and Sending Emails to Respondents

I suggest that you add a sort order in your Manage Email List

At the moment, there is no logical order. It does not appear in an alphabetical order nor does it appear in relation to the date of the upload.

To further compound to the matter, the list is display in no logical sorting order in the drop down box that we utilize when we utilize the 'send email to respondents' feature and click on the drop down 'To' box.... more »
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Survey Delivery

% completion graphic jumps around during randomized block of questions

As someone is taking a survey and answering questions that are part of a randomized block of questions, the % completion bar jumps around. For example, on one question it may show 69% complete then 80% complete on the next question and 75% complete on the question after that. It is very misleading to the survey respondent. Please fix the software so that the % completion graphic goes straight up to 100% even when someone... more »