Survey Development

Option to choose if survey questions are bold

I recently noticed I do not have the option to choose if the questions in my survey are, or are not, bold. All questions appear bold. I was told be QuestionPro support that, "Survey respondents have better survey completion rates when the question and answers are visually separated."

The issue is that some clients still do not care for the visual aesthetics if bold questions. Or rather, would only like select parts... more »

Survey Development

Survey Background Customization per survey

QuestionPro does not allow you to customize the survey design/background per survey. You are limited to the small list of colors and templates QP provides. Once you make any changes to the templates aka click on the customize link it changes all surveys in your account to this design. This is a huge problem as I would imagine that each survey you deploy is different and may require different branding requirements.... more »

Survey Development

Multiple input types in matrix question

We are trying to set up a complex question type, similar to a side-by-side matrix. But rather than radio buttons in the matrix, we need to provide different input types. Some columns are text boxes, others are checkboxes. Question looks something like this:

What types of spaces does your department need?
QTY SqFt Dedicated Y/N
Client Area ____ ____ [checkbox]
AV Room... more »

Survey Development

Help Manual

Please collate all your help pages into a downloadable, printable PDF document. That way I can get a better idea of QuestionPro's capabilities before buying. Also, it means that I can more easily review features, options, etc. while riding the bus or subway.




Survey Development

Multiple column layout (newspaper style)

I'm starting to see surveys with a two column layout. This layout is being used either for the options in a matrix question, which would help to avoid going below the fold, or for multiple small questions on the same page - say demographics.


I think this could help make the survey more engaging, as long as it doesn't get too dense.


Survey Development

Additional "other" field.

There is now only one field avaiable for "other." It would be helpful if two fields were available because we often recode the response entered in "other," but if several responses are entered in the one "other" field, it's very difficult to recode them because you can't array the data in a sort that lets you quickly see what might need to be recoded.


Survey Development

One survey to evaluate 10 people, not 10 different surveys.

I would like to evaluate more than one employee. I want them in a multiple choice select many question. Then I want the names selected to populate throughout the survey in multi point scale questions.

1. Please select the names of the people you would like to evaluate
Harry Truman
Richard Nixon
Theodore Roosevelt

so if the person selects Harry and Theodore, the multipoint scale would look like this.... more »