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Reporting Tools

Real time analysis of filtered data by device

Currently, in the reporting, real time analysis you can filter the data by question responses and then add a filter of device type. But when you do, the device type available is Tablet/ smart phone.
Given the strong use of smart phones to answer surveys, we'd like to be able to analyse by individual type - e.g. smart phone separately from tablet. Could you please add this to the next lot of changes.
With best wishes,... more »
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Reporting Tools

Better Subject Lines for Scheduled Exports

The "Name" field should be used in the subject line of scheduled exports instead of report type (e.g. "Real-Time Summary Report"). Since I have more than one of the same report type, it's impossible to differentiate between different ones.


In addition, it would be nice if the survey name the report was being generated from would be included in the body of the email.

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Reporting Tools

More Embedding Flexibility - with Filters Please!

I use QuestionPro for a marketing promotion whereby users 'vote' for their favorite high school football team and at the end of the season the team with the most votes wins a prize. It has two purposes: one is to collect voter information and the other is to drive traffic to our website. Thus we are using embedding instead of the standalone survey.

The survey is embedded on one page of my website ( more »
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Bug: Survey data is lost if survey edited while active

Currently if you edit a survey while it is active it's possible to lose responses that have been completed - this just happened to me on a survey.

This is a very serious bug that needs to be fixed as losing response data is unacceptable. Other survey platforms allow at least minor editing of questions while a survey is live without incident. I'm not talking about rearranging questions or anything like that, just editing... more »
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Survey Development

incorrect response for multi select type variables

one of the major problem with the response of multi select question type, in data if export excel format then the response which are shown to respondent are but not selected are blank. and suppose we implement masking (extraction) then it will be hard to differentiate in these condition from data. So if there is error in implementation such logic we can confirm by checking data. I believe in data this should be 1 for... more »
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Reporting Tools

Update "Viewed" account to filter criteria

Currently the "Viewed" count appears to only be correct for the total data set for a survey. When a filter is selected, the "Viewed" count shows as zero.

Ideally the "Viewed" count would adjust based on the filter criteria. If a date range is selected for example, the "Viewed" count would show the number of views for that date range.

If this is not feasible or not applicable for a particular filter, then it would help... more »
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Survey Development

Ability to change slider Min and Max values

The "Slider" question type only allows for survey developers to set a min and max value between 1-100. This restricts the ability to use this question type for pricing and/or quantity analysis. The slider should allow for users to input any range. No matter the range, each unit of the scale should represent 1 additional value above the minimum. For development purposes, the slider question should then have an option for... more »
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Data Integrity Coding. Important

Allow ID coding multi answer/question questions, so that, if an answer choice/question is removed, the data is not shifted. As a programmer, I have analyzed this problem and given a possible solution that fits within the bounds of your application:
1) Put the following automatically in front of the question and answer lines, where # is an auto-incrementing number and the square brackets are replaced by arrow brackets... more »
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Reporting Tools

Importing Data

The ability to import data into the survey. We occasionally back up the data files from a survey in progress, and being able to re-import that data would be great in case the survey was damaged somehow. It would also allow us to collect data from hard copy surveys and incorporate them into your software quickly.

Essentially, as long as the question codes of the data match to the headers, being able to upload... more »