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Survey Development

Adding "Not Applicable" Option to Rating Scales

On the multiple choice, you have the option to select a box to show "other" as an option. It would also be useful for the rating scales to display an option for using "not applicable." This would be easier than adding the text manually and then having to adjust the report settings to filter out the "not applicable" so it doesn't appear as a higher rating than "strongly agree."


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Survey Development

Remove QPro Logo at end of Survey

Make the option to remove the QuestionPro logo available to "Corporate" License users also.The Enterprise license from Survey Analytics allows for removal of the logo. I've gotten several complaints from internal Managers that the QuestionPro logo and branding is too prominent at the end of the survey and why are we promoting them when we are sending a survey to our customers.

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Survey Delivery

Multiple invitations e-mail attached to a specific survey

I would like to be able to manage several invitations e-mail for a specific survey. It would be useful in these cases for example :
1/ I've got different kinds of populations to survey : one kind we know very well, another kind of CEOs, another of people we don't know well. Each kind needs a specific e-mail to invite them properly to look at the survey and to complete it.
2/ I want to send a different invitation e-mail... more »


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Survey Development

Validation error messages

I have a couple suggestion regarding the validation error messages:
1) When enabling validation on a per question basis, I've noticed that the default error message for a multiple choice question which requires only one response is "please choose at least one answer." I think this is confusing for respondents as in a case like this, we only want them to choose a single answer, not more than one.
2) I have a few questions... more »
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Survey Development

Changing Multiple Settings on a Question

When editing more than one setting on a question, you currently have to change the settings on one tab, save, then re-open the edit screen and make the change on the next tab, save again. There should either be a save and continue button or have the application automatically save your changes if you move to a different tab. See vid where I change the question name, then change the font. Only the font change is saved.... more »


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Reporting Tools

Muti-select percentages

Right now when I export the data I get frequencies and percentages. But the percentages are percentage of /responses/ instead of percentage of /respondents/. I don't see how this is useful. On multi-select questions totals can add up to more than 100%. If 25% of respondents selected an option I want to know that. I don't care if it's 3% of the total mentions. A response should not seem to be less popular simply because... more »
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Survey Delivery

Logos in Invites

The survey invite box includes a dominant QPro logo at the bottom of it. Would it be possible to put your own company logo in the invite and have words for QPro so at a glance, respondents know it is a survey from your company vs from QPro?

The survey itself has your own logo prominently at the top but that branding opportunity isn't there at the invite and I think it could really help click-through rates into the... more »