Reporting Tools

Filter / Logic Based on Data / Reference Questions trending idea

Allow filtering and logic based on the answers to data/reference question types such as zip code or dynamic lookup questions. This would be very helpful in analyzing results based on geographic locations (state, county) and such. It would also be helpful in tailoring branched surveys based on the same criteria... different questions for different states/counties.

Survey Delivery

Multiple invitations e-mail attached to a specific survey

I would like to be able to manage several invitations e-mail for a specific survey. It would be useful in these cases for example :
1/ I've got different kinds of populations to survey : one kind we know very well, another kind of CEOs, another of people we don't know well. Each kind needs a specific e-mail to invite them properly to look at the survey and to complete it.
2/ I want to send a different invitation e-mail... more »


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Bug tracking information system

Preliminary note: I am not sure this suggestion fits in "Survey development". It concerns the general development of QuestionPro. If not, please do create a special topics on this subject: "QuestionPro's development". But please don't delete it, for it could be important to you to know if others customers feel it as I do.

On this post, I suggest to open a bugtracking to customers (at less to enterprise or corporate),... more »


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Survey Delivery

Sampling tool

Suppose you want to know satisfaction of a large population about a service (for instance 20,000 subscribers to a newsletter). You don't need to survey the whole population. Depending on involvement's level of the population, you will expect from 10% to 40% of completed answers. So to get some 1,000 respondents, in the worst case, you don't need to question the whole population: you will extract a sample, which is representative... more »

Survey Development

Show Percentage as well as actual respondents in micro poll reports

I have a number of micro polls setup using smart delivery. I really like the dynamic flash charts - I would like to request the addition of percentages next to each possible answer. Currently only displays as number of respondents and I find I am running my own calculations to get a percentage. This seems like a fairly easy calculation to add.


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Survey Delivery

Ability to add email addresses to existing email lists

Currently if email invitations are already sent to an email list, then you cannot add new email addresses to that new email list and send only to those new email addresses.


Users should be able to add new email addresses to existing lists and should also be able to send a survey to only the newly added email addresses. This will make email management easier!


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Survey Development

Custom Scoring

It would be very helpful to have the ability to develop custom scoring for surveys in the corporate and enterprise editions. I understand that it can be developed using custom scripting (with a price), but it would be absolutely helpful if it became a point and click option. We are getting numerous requests to develop scored surveys for our internal clients and I would like to be able to meet their specific needs better.... more »


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Survey Delivery

Survey Link/Text in Email

In the Survey Invitation Email, some users cannot click on the Survey Link Text (For example: Start Survey) to open the Survey. This could be because of issues with the email client or some other reason.

Can we display the actual Survey URL instead of the links text (for example: Start Survey)? So if link text in the email invitation is left blank then the actual Survey URL with tracking information is displayed in the... more »


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Survey Development

Perform Calculations Based on Who Answers the Question

I am trying to create a survey where I want to give my top producers more weight. For example, I would like their answer to be weighted for every $100,000 in revenue.



Tom, who sold $340,000 of product, would have his vote weighted 3 times, compared to Jill who sold $130,000 (her answer would only be weighted once).


It would be helpful to be able to do this type of calculation...