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IdeaScale Moderation/Authentication Settings

The following setting is not working properly:

High - Authenticated Users Only
Users MUST be logged into the site to view ideas, comments. New users must be approved by the moderator.

Even with this setting, new users can create accounts, view, post, and have full run of the site without initial approval from the Moderator.

Also, the "Top Contributors" section is shown on the site before logging in with a site under... more »
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Survey Development

Validation error messages

I have a couple suggestion regarding the validation error messages:
1) When enabling validation on a per question basis, I've noticed that the default error message for a multiple choice question which requires only one response is "please choose at least one answer." I think this is confusing for respondents as in a case like this, we only want them to choose a single answer, not more than one.
2) I have a few questions... more »
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Survey Development

Save and Return Later Button

I propose switching the position of the "save and return" button on the bottom page of the surveys. I find it's intuitive to go to the right side of the page when wanting to advance and currently, the "continue" button is on the lower left-hand side of the page while the "save and return" button is on the right side of the page. Several of my colleagues have noticed this and agree that it's more intuitive to put the... more »


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Reporting Tools

Open ended repsonses

Can I suggest that we add a profiling function at the very least to open ended questions - many of my clients want to what was said by gender/age/geography at the very least - Open ended questions can be very powerful but they are not being maximized in their current form.

Ideally being able to cross with any question would be perfect but profiling the responses would be a great help and insight for clients.
Thanks,... more »
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Survey Development

Eliminate the extra spacing in the printout for forms that have branching

Whenever you print a form that has branching, there's all this extra spacing, a major gap that interferes with viewing all the questions you answered. So let's say I answer Q.1-6 then because of branching I then jump to Q.12, then to Q36, then what I get is, an extra 3 or 4 pages in between.

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Survey Development

Adding "Not Applicable" Option to Rating Scales

On the multiple choice, you have the option to select a box to show "other" as an option. It would also be useful for the rating scales to display an option for using "not applicable." This would be easier than adding the text manually and then having to adjust the report settings to filter out the "not applicable" so it doesn't appear as a higher rating than "strongly agree."


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